ArcGIS User Conference - 2018

Date : 06 March 2018 - 06 March 2018
Time : 09:00 am  -  05:00 pm
Venue : Sri Lanka Foundation Center, Colombo 07.
Event Details

Prominent GIS technology users will share their own organization/ Project related applications done on the on the platform is their own day to day environments. Earlier there was a campaign to select and shortlist presenters of the Conference. The 6 short listed project owners are invited to present these same projects at the Conference and will be awarded Certificates and Trophies. This year’s event will also showcase and exhibit great Maps created by our GIS Users using the ArcGIS Platform this would be themed as the “Map Gallery”


This event will help bringing leading GIS community professionals, decision makers, academia and users of Sri Lanka. The opening ceremony and inaugural session will be graced by Leading Government Officials and Esri Technology personnel and other leading technology decision makers of the country both from the Public and Private sectors. GIS (Geographical Information systems)  is considered to be one of the 3 major growth areas of ITC and closely linked with Internet of things as a foundation technology for the same. In an era where Sri Lanka is moving towards digitalization and seeking economic competitive Advantage GIS becomes even more important.


Sri Lanka is home to an estimated 16,000+ GIS Professionals and Users. GIS (Geographical Information systems) technology has been used in the country for over two and a half decades in varied levels. The fact that Universities across the country offer M.Sc. courses in GIS and highlights GIS Technology standing and importance as a technology field  in the nation. ICTA is in the process of rolling out the National GIS initiative through the establishment of a  National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)  to facilitate the sharing, access and standardization of Spatial data that is produced in the country so that it GIS could make grater contribution as a technology for the nation. The ArcGIS Software Platform is the Software platform in which all most all of Sri Lanka’s Mapping is done. It is the world’s number one Platform From GIS (Geographical Information Systems) which involves looking at data using a Map to support making more informed and accurate decision making, Enhance an organizations operations, for effective and efficient asset management and cost savings.


An Estimated 150+ organization only in Sri Lanka trusts this ArcGIS platform for all mapping and GIS activity.The ArcGIS platform was developed by ESRI (Environmental Systems Reach Institute – USA) in 1969 and is considered the Leading GIS software platform worldwide.The event aims to bring together the community of ArcGIS Users ( and Technology decision makers of Sri Lanka at a national level to enhance knowledge, highlight their work and educate them and their key decision makers (both Public & Commercial sectors) on new developments of the technology. This forum will also provide an opportunity for GIS professional to network,  share knowledge and learn about new developments in this technology field. Last year the event was well attended with over 280+ attendees who were GIS Technology users and senior decision makers.


The conference also strives to build the capacity of GIS professionals in the country. The event will of course showcase the work already successfully implemented by some of the leading ArcGIS community members. Another aim is to promote the effective and ethical use of spatial information and Geospatial technologies that will contribute meaningfully better understand, Manage and face challenges of the nation and its citizens. This is a very timely initiative as the NSDI project mentioned earlier is underway.



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