Python scripting for ArcGIS-fundamentals

Date : 02 June 2018 - 24 March 2018
Time : 09:00 am  -  04:00 pm
Venue : GIS Solutions (Private) Limited, Training Room. 1st Floor.
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Introducing Python

Features of python

Scripting vs. programming

Scripting in ArcGIS

How use python in ArcGIS

Python shell


Python language fundamentals

Python window

Data types and structures

Working with numbers, variables and writing statements and expressions

Using and working with String, lists, python objects, functions, methods, lists, paths, modules,

Conditional statements, loop structures to control the workflow

Commenting scripts


Geoprocessing using model builder

Creating simple tools with model builder

Setting parameters and filters on model

Other Features in models builder


Script writing

Using arcpy, tools, toolboxes, functions, classes and environment setting

Working with tool messages, licenses


Investigating spatial data

Checking for the existence of data

Describing data

Listing data

Lists in for loops

Working with lists, tuples and dictionaries


Manipulating spatial data

cursors to access data

SQL in python

Working with table and field names

Parsing table and field names

Working with text files


How to handle Raster data

Listing raster’s

Obtaining Raster properties

Deal with raster objects


Map Scripting

Opening map documents

Accessing map document properties and methods

Working with data frame, layers and page layout elements

Fixing broken data sources

Exporting maps, printing maps and working with PDFs


Creating script tool

Step to creating a tool

Editing tool code

Exploring tool parameters

Setting tool parameters


Exercise and Q/A.